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Welcome to St. John Chrysostom

You are Welcomed Here

Sunday Mass: 8:00 AM

Wednesday Rosary Prayer: 6:00 PM
Wednesday Mass: 6:30 PM

Our Mission

The Church of St. John Chrysostom, a Roman Catholic faith community, united in Christ, has been providing spiritual leadership in Henry County since 1873. Being a close-knit family of faith, our mission is to proclaim the gospel of the Lord by: depending on and supporting each other’s faith through prayer and worship; offering support and outreach to those in need; and providing a place of Catholic worship to anyone wishing to join us.

150 Year Anniversary Celebration


St. John Chrysostom

St. John Chrysostom was one of the three byzantine doctors of the Church. He is considered one of the greatest orators of the early church. "Golden-Mouthed" was given to him because of his preaching abilities. 

He was born around 350 to a Latin father and Greek mother. He was baptized at the age of nineteen and afterward spent six years living as a hermit in the desert. In 386 he was ordained a priest and established his fame as an orator. 

He was named Bishop of Constantinople in 397. He immediately initiated many reforms among the clergy and his zeal for justice and charity and his powerful sermons on the immorality of the day made him very unpopular. He became a target for criticism and personal attacks. Sadly, a prominent person in the Church and the Imperial Court undertook to discredit him. They finally managed to have him exiled to Cappadocia in Asia Minor where he died in 407. 

His feast day is celebrated by the universal Church on September 13.

We are proud to have such a saint as the Patron of our Parish in Eminence. 


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